Printed Circuit Board Types



Fast PCB Turnaround / Fast Printed Circuit Board Turnaround

Prototypes and very short runs (one or two panels of PCBs) of single sided and double sided plated through hole can be manufactured, tested and despatched within twenty four hours of receipt of the manufacturing data.

Straightforward four layer multilayers can be manufactured, tested and despatched within forty eight hours of receipt of the manufacturing data.

See Prototypes for detailed explanation of turnarounds and finishes available for the various board types.

PCB Prototype UK
PCB Image : Printed Circuit Boards manufactured in Kent UK

Board types

The main material we work with is FR4, but we also process rigid polyimide, ceramic, and dielectric coated aluminium backed base laminate.

The board types we manufacture are as follows:

(a) Conventional single-sided (S/S) PCB
(b) Convenional double-sided (D/S) PCB
(c) Double-sided plated through hole (D/S PTH) PCB
(d) Three layer multilayer PCB
(e) Four layer multilayer PCB
(f)  Six layer multilayer PCB
(g) Eight layer multilayer PCB

PCB / Printed Circuit Board Colours

We regularly use green, blue, black , white, and red soldermask. Red Printed Circuit Board : Red PCB
Ident notation can be in almost any colour, but white and yellow are certainly the most usual.

Hot air lead free solder level is now the most common finish requested.
We also offer nickel plus gold in-house as well as leaded solder, immersion silver, or immersion tin via a subcontractor.

Quality Circuitry

Quality printed circuits as defined and aspired to by Elite Circuits Ltd must have:

(01) The correct track widths and copper thickness.
(02) The correct hole sizes.
(03) Holes positioned centrally in pads.
(04) No discontinuities (opens) in tracks, vias, or component holes.
(05) No partial discontinuities in tracks.
(06) No partial discontinuities in vias or component holes.
(07) No repaired discontinuities.
(08) No breakdown of isolation (shorts) between tracks and pads.
(09) Sufficient copper through hole plate to avoid outgassing.
(10) Pads that maintain solderability for a protracted period (at least two years for lead free solder).
(11) Correctly applied and cured soldermask.
(12) Correctly applied and cured component location.

Quality Guaranteed

Please note that bare board testing (BBT) on its own is far from being an accurate guide to the quality of a printed circuit board. It does not detect partial discontinuities, repairs, copper thicknesses, hole sizes, solderability, or track widths. A PCB that has passed BBT could have a very tenuous connection through a via, for example, and such a circuit would be prone (if not actually destined) to fail in service. This is why Elite Circuits Ltd performs many more checks than just BBT to ensure the quality of the pcbs it manufactures.


We are ISO 9001 accredited and UL accredited – click each accreditation at the bottom to view their websites.


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